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Time-to-Seizure Modeling of Lacosamide Used in Monotherapy in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy

Baseline disease severity was the most important predictor of seizure probability. Simulations suggest that an initial target dose >200 mg/day could potentially benefit patients with greater disease severity.

How modeling and simulation (M&S) supported the development of the immuno-oncology drug pembrolizumab

During his time at Merck (MSD) our consultant Andreas Lindauer participated in the modeling and simulation team that worked on numerous model-informed approaches to support the development of pembrolizumab (KEYTRUDA), a new monoclonal antibody approved for the treatment of melanoma and other cancer types. Check out a series of recently published articles by this M&S team.

An abstract for Simulo

Simulo – a platform for advanced model based simulations using R

Trip to PKUK 2016

Per Olsson Gisleskog and Daniel Röshammar went recently to PKUK conference in London (9th to 11th November). They summarize their trip with a selection of presentations.

SGS BioPharm Day 2016

SGS hosted a scientific seminar on clinical trial solutions. Ruben Faelens from Exprimo was present to talk about model-informed adaptive trials in Phase 1.
Advanced PK/PD Modeling

Advanced PK/PD Modeling

Complex mechanisms of action and novel drug-targets require advanced PK/PD modelling for interpretation of results. Exprimo has extensive experience with application of cutting edge PK/PD/mPBPK models to accurately predict study outcomes.

SGS BioPharm Day 2014

For SGS BioPharm Day 2014, Exprimo presented an overview of Modeling & Simulation services.

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