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Case Examples

Presentation of Simulo at PhUSE US Connect 2019

Nicolas Luyckx and Quentin Leirens gave a lecture about Simulo software, clinical trial simulation & optimization at the biometrics PhUSE confrence in Baltimore, 24th-27th February.

Simulo – A User-Friendly Platform for Advanced Trial Simulations. A Case Study in Oncology.

In the context of ACoP, Belén presented a poster about a case study in oncology implemented in Simulo, our clinical trial simulator.

How can modeling and simulation improve the clinical trial go/no-go decision-making process, accelerating drug development?

Following the Modelling and Simulation Webinar presented by Per Olsson and Alberto Russu (Janssen), a white paper entitled "Clinical Trial Simulation: An Efficient Tool for Improved Study Designs, Dose Selection, and Go/No-Go Investment Decisions" has been written.

How can Modelling and Simulation Fuel the Clinical Development of Biosimilars?

After gaining an extensive experience in biosimilar projects, Bernardo and Daniel discuss, within an article in the Journal of Clinical Studies, why Modelling and Simulation have an important role in the Clinical Development of Biosimilars.

How can modelling and simulation optimize the clinical development of adalimumab biosimilar candidates?

In the context of the 7th European Biosimilars Congress, held in Munich 15-16 May 2017, Bernardo de Miguel Lillo presented an abstract and a poster about how we optimized the clinical development of an Adalimumab biosimilar candidate thanks to modelling and simulation.

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