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Simulo example screenshotWhat is Simulo ?

Simulo is a PK-PD-Disease model simulator.

It provides the ability to perform Monte Carlo simulations and subsequently to evaluate study designs and dosing strategies using public, published or custom-developed nonlinear mixed-effects models, in order to explore the impact of variables on outcomes.

The software was developed in collaboration with F. Hoffman La-Roche for 3 years, after which SGS Exprimo has continued developing new features.


  • You can implement any model you want
    The model is described through algebraic, ordinary and/or delayed differential equations.
    Because the full model uses R, the full flexibility is available at every part of the model. You can define your own custom statistical distributions, integrate with a complex spatial model, integrate with WHO growth curves, or even simulate a full TDM approach!
  • You can easily adapt the models
    Instead of plowing through lines and lines of code, Simulo provides a structured overview. This ensures you will still understand your own model, 2 years down the line. You will quickly adapt the model, instead of going through multiple debugging cycles.
  • You can trust Simulo
    Once you have defined your model, Simulo will convert it into R code and launch it across multiple processor cores. This conversion process was validated through years of active use, as well as a rigorous validation suite.

How do I get Simulo ?

Simulo comes in two versions.

  • The Simulo Light version is available to anyone, free of charge.
    After a required 1-day training, you can use the version for any model you desire. Some features for advanced simulation (such as vectorization, scenarios or analysis) are disabled.
  • The Simulo Expert version is bundled with a scientific support package, to enable you to get all the benefits of doing advanced clinical trial simulations, in collaboration with SGS Exprimo.

Please contact us to book a specific on-site training, or subscribe to any of the upcoming training sessions already open!

New ! You can download the quick reference for Simulo from here


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