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Simulo example screenshotWhat is Simulo ?

Simulo is a PK-PD-Disease model simulator.

It provides the ability to perform Monte Carlo simulations and subsequently to evaluate study designs and dosing strategies using public, published or custom-developed nonlinear mixed-effects models, in order to explore the impact of variables on outcomes.

The software was developed in collaboration with F. Hoffman La-Roche for 3 years, after which SGS Exprimo has continued developing new features.


  • You can implement any model you want
    The model is described through algebraic, ordinary and/or delayed differential equations.
    Because the full model uses R, the full flexibility is available at every part of the model. You can define your own custom statistical distributions, integrate with a complex spatial model, integrate with WHO growth curves, or even simulate a full TDM approach!
  • You can easily adapt the models
    Instead of plowing through lines and lines of code, Simulo provides a structured overview. This ensures you will still understand your own model, 2 years down the line. You will quickly adapt the model, instead of going through multiple debugging cycles.
  • You can trust Simulo
    Once you have defined your model, Simulo will convert it into R code and launch it across multiple processor cores. This conversion process was validated through years of active use, as well as a rigorous validation suite.

How do I get Simulo ?

Simulo comes in two versions.

  • The Simulo base version is available to anyone, for free (download button below). You can use this version for any model you desire. It includes features such as file bootstrap, conditional events, automated analysis or exploratory live view.
  • The Simulo Expert version is bundled with a scientific support package, to enable you to get all the benefits of doing advanced clinical trial simulations, in collaboration with SGS Exprimo. It includes extra advanced features such as automatic software validation, speed increase or easy scenario management. Compiled code, currently tested in-house (check out our PAGE poster), will also be available very soon !

Please contact us to ask about our support package options, to book a specific on-site training, or subscribe to any of the upcoming training sessions already open!


Download Simulo for free


You can download the installation instructions and the quick reference for Simulo from here.



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