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Tobias Kanacher

Tobias Kanacher picture

Tobias Kanacher is a Consultant at SGS Exprimo. He was born 1973 in Germany and studied pharmacy at the Philipps University of Marburg where he obtained his license in 1999. Thereafter he started his PhD research in pharmaceutical biochemistry at the University of Tübingen. His summa cum laude rated thesis focused on second messenger influenced signal transduction via phosphodiesterases and adenylate cyclases. This introduced Tobias into the pharmaceutical industry where he started 2003 as laboratory team leader in the drug discovery at Altana Pharma AG, Germany.

From there Tobias strived to influence the fate of new molecules in all stages of preclinical and clinical drug development. He gathered comprehensive experience in all stages of drug development and consulted as Expert for ADME and physiology based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling preclinical and clinical drug development teams at Nycomed, Germany (2006-2011), Takeda, Germany (2011-2012), Bayer Technology Services GmbH and Bayer Pharma, Germany (2012-2017). He has worked across a range of therapeutic areas (oncology, women’s health, cardiovascular diseases, hematology, pain and ophthalmology) and he has also contributed to the filing and subsequent approval of new drug applications.

He is especially passionate about PBPK modeling and simulation and how it can generate value by enabling informed decisions in the drug development process.

Tobias joined Exprimo in 2017 and lives at Lake Constanz, Germany.

Lake Constanz, Germany

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