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Marc-Antoine Fabre

Marc-Antoine headshot

Marc-Antoine Fabre is a Consultant at SGS-Exprimo. He graduated from a top French Engineering School in Scientific Computing at ENSHEEIT (Toulouse).  He got his first experience in Modeling and Simulation (M&S) at Vatech Hydro, Vevey, Switzerland, and he improved his skills in M&S in Belgium at IMEC, where he developed, and optimized models and put forward solutions for marketing purpose. Willing to apply his competences in pharmacometrics, he went back to the University for a one-year training in pharmacokinetics (Marseilles) and attended the basic pharmacokinetics workshop of University of Manchester (Arosa, Switzerland) to understand underlying physiological processes.  Since 2004, he was a junior consultant in Clinical Pharmacology&Pharmacometrics at EMF Consulting, and became a Senior Consultant in 2007.  During this time he ensured state‑of‑the‑art of M&S from early to late phase in clinical development programs in different therapeutic areas such as CNS, R&I, and oncology. From 2010 to end 2015 he joined AstraZeneca, where he was one of the lead pharmacometricians. In this job, he was also a representative in the IMI, DDMORE European consortium.

Marc-Antoine lives south of Manchester, UK. He is currently on a sabbatical while finishing his PhD research.


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