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Bernardo de Miguel Lillo

Bernardo de Miguel Lillo
External Consultant

Bernardo de Miguel Lillo is a Consultant at SGS Exprimo. He was born in 1978, and obtained MSc degrees in Statistics from the University Complutense of Madrid and Marketing Research from King Juan Carlos University of Madrid in 2003 and 2007 respectively. He completed his research with a thesis entitled “Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Population Modeling of a new anticancer drug” in 2015 from University of Valencia. After 4 years of working as research statistician in AC Nielsen and PRA Health Sciences, Bernardo joined PharmaMar in 2004 in Madrid, Spain, where he started as a biostatistician. He moved to Clinical Pharmacology Department in 2007, contributing to the clinical development of trabectedin, the first anticancer agent being approved for a Spanish company. He also provided the PK/PD modeling support for several anticancer agents such as plitidepsin, kahalalide F, ES-285, Zalypsis, elisidepsin, tryptamicidin and PM060184 and has experience with other anticancer compounds including doxorubicin, sorafenib, bevacizumab, carboplatin, cisplatin, oxaliplatin, gemcitabine, docetaxel, erlotinib and capecitabine. He specialized in phase I oncology trials, where he provided PK/PD modeling support from the start of pre-development to dose optimization. His main focus of interest is the contribution of Pharmacometrics to the decision making process for drug development. Additionally Bernardo provided consultancy during several Due-Diligence activities and served as independent statistician for the Independent Data Monitoring Committee of phase III oncology trials. He is coordinator and professor of a Master Course on Clinical Development in Faculty of Health Sciences of King Juan Carlos University. Bernardo joined Exprimo in 2015 and lives in Spain. He is currently employed as an external consultant on specific projects.

Madrid, Spain

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