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Simulo training for KULeuven

Professors Pieter Annaert and Thomas Bouillon from the KULeuven (Belgium) attended a Simulo training session in our offices in Mechelen (Belgium).

The 1-day training featured a hands-on session to define a PK model, as well as showing advanced simulation techniques and presentation methods.

The attendees are now considering to use Simulo to teach Pharmacometrics, as well as integrate the software within their research. Prof. Thomas Bouillon commented on the possibility of using non-parametric approaches:

Simulo allows covariates to be bootstrapped from an external database. This feature may allow us to use nonparametric/discrete distributions, i.e. the output of  a nonparametric analysis for exploration of dosing regimens. Since nonparametric output distributes the entire probability mass between support points, i.e. intermediate values are impossible/have 0 probability, a semiparametric approach as suggested by Sylvain Goutelle (2009) would be the ideal implementation. We are awaiting the implementation into Simulo with great anticipation.

Prof. Pieter Annaert was enthousiastic about the teaching possibilities of this tool:

The structured way of defining the model is perfect for teaching our students. Immediately getting feedback when you make a coding error is really helpful, and will avoid a lot of frustration.

We hope to strengthen this collaboration with the University of Leuven in the coming year, as the Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences will expand its drug development courses.

If you or your group wants to attend a Simulo training, please register here.

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