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Simulo: technical information


Simulo was started as a project of more than 2 years of collaborative development work by SGS ExprimoF. Hoffmann La-Roche Ltd and Altran. The initial version was built by professional software engineers at Altran under the close supervision of domain experts at SGS Exprimo and F. Hoffmann La-Roche Ltd.

Since 2015, SGS Exprimo has continued development of Simulo to better serve our internal needs, as well as the needs of our clients.

SGS Exprimo takes quality very seriously. Each version of Simulo is subjected to a suite of 1200 automated tests. To ensure the simulation results can be trusted, Simulo is also validated on a library of 80 models. The results are compared to reference runs, executed by third-party software.

Technical Architecture

Simulo is a Java application, based on the Eclipse RCP development environment. The desktop application allows you to easily define a model in a flexible user interface.

Behind the scenes, Simulo converts the model into performant R code. This is done each time you make a small change, allowing you to detect coding errors early. When running a simulation, the code is run in parallel. Individual pieces are also vectorized for optimal performance. Behind the scenes, Simulo uses the deSolve library.

Finally, Simulo is constructed as a modular set of components. A web version is also available, which can be useful for teaching, as well as a command-line version that allows to execute study files on a scientific cluster.


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