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Public Clinical Trial Simulation course in collaboration with Freie Universität Berlin

SGS Exprimo is running a public two-day Clinical Trial Simulation course on Thursday and Friday 2-3 November in Germany, together with Professor Charlotte Kloft’s team at Freie Universität Berlin.

The course on Thursday will introduce attendees to Simulo, a platform for PK-PD-Disease model-based simulations developed for 6 years and now available to the public. The user-friendly interface can specify complex behavior (adaptive trials, interim analysis, complex dose adaptation, adverse events) in a flexible way, as the simulation uses an R backend. The resulting R-script may be applied outside of Simulo in any R environment. After this session, you will be capable of running your own clinical trial simulations. You will receive a free license to the software.

The course on Friday presents a theoretical framework on all aspects of model simulation: model selection, adaptation, evaluation, clinical trial simulation and clinical trial optimization. All practical examples will be demonstrated using Simulo.

Both courses are provided free of charge. Only 10 places will be available. For more information and registration, please contact

Simulo Universiteit Berlin Kloft


The course was a appreciated by all attendees. We particularly enjoyed the interesting discussion between members from industry and academia.

Simulo training in Berlin

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