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Presentation of Simulo at PhUSE US Connect 2019

Clinical trial simulation is a powerful technique for study design optimizations. However, the inclusion of all aspects of a drug model and a protocol may be complex. SGS Exprimo developed Simulo to offer a user-friendly interface and the ability to simulate and visualize the likely outcome of clinical studies or dosing scenarios. The model is described through algebraic or differential equations. Inclusion criteria, treatments, observations and study designs are easily defined. Custom R code brings total flexibility when needed. Any model may be implemented in simulation scenarios of all complexities.

Recent applications of Simulo showed how simulations help predict the effect of dose adaptation on clinical endpoints or compare study designs and data analysis approaches. As a conclusion, Simulo offers a platform for all sorts of model-based simulation activities, both for experienced and novice users. Simulo facilitates both internal and regulatory decision-making in a clear and visually attractive way.

You can download the slide deck and the associated paper of our pediatric case axample.

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