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ISO9001:2015 certification for Exprimo datacenter

SGS Exprimo uses a HPC computing infrastructure to run its projects. Our servers are hosted in a secure datacenter in Brussels and are maintained by SGS Exprimo.

The datacenter provides heightened floors, airconditioning, power, backup power, UPS, rodent detection, xenon gas fire suppression, 24/7 security guard, network connections and failover network connections. All of these services are essential in a datacenter. This is what distinguishes a professional company from a startup, hosting servers in a closet of the office.

IT is often seen as a key risk area for R&D Consultancy companies. Auditors ask the key question: is your server infrastructure run out of the closet, with rats chewing at the cables? In case of a fire in the building, a flood, or a lightning strike, will your server systems be destroyed, and our project data lost?

SGS Exprimo has always been able to demonstrate a high level of quality, both in its own management of IT and in the datacenter where we host our servers. We are happy to announce that this high quality has now been officially certified, as our main vendor for datacenter services has achieved ISO9001:2015 certification (article in Dutch).

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