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How modeling and simulation (M&S) supported the development of the immuno-oncology drug pembrolizumab

During his time at Merck (MSD) our consultant Andreas Lindauer participated in the modeling and simulation team that worked on numerous model-informed approaches to support the development of pembrolizumab (KEYTRUDA), a new monoclonal antibody approved for the treatment of melanoma and other cancer types. Check out a series of recently published articles by this M&S team.

How the different bits and pieces of this large M&S project fit together and eventually helped to bring pembrolizumab to patients at light-speed is concisely described here:

If you want to dig further into the matter and want to see how the M&S was eventually part of the regulatory review you may want to check out the Clinical Pharmacology review summary on the FDA web site: Andreas is especially proud to see one of the key figures from the translational model ended up in this document (page 12).


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