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Announcement Simulo workshop at PAGE

SGS Exprimo is running a 1-day Clinical Trial Simulation course on Simulo on Monday 8 June. The course will be an introduction to Simulo, an advanced PK-PD model simulator developed for 8 years and now freely available. The participants will get trained, through hands-on exercises, in clinical trial simulations with the aim to evaluate and compare study designs or dosing strategies in an efficient manner. First, they will experience the clear user-interface and the live view which will allow them to import and explore their NONMEM models. Afterwards, they will learn how to build various clinical trial protocols, starting from the most common to the most innovative designs (flexible dose adaptations and complex dosing algorithms). Finally, a focus will be placed on the recently developed Simulo library which facilitates result post-processing and analysis.

Cost: 200 EUR for academia/350 EUR for industry to cover the room, lunch and coffee breaks. It includes a 3-month license for Simulo Expert. Only 25 places will be available.

To register for the course, please download the form here and return it to Thank you!

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