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Announcement Simulo workshop at ACoP

The course will introduce attendees to Simulo, a PK-PD-Disease model simulator developed for 7 years and now freely available to the public. The user-friendly interface can specify complex behaviors (adaptive trials, interim analysis, complex dose adaptation, adverse events) in a flexible way, as the simulation uses an R backend.  After this session, you will be capable of running your own clinical trial simulations.


Hands-on exercises will include:

  • Implement a PK/PD model into Simulo from scratch
  • Explore the model using the ‘LiveView’
  • Run a Clinical Trial Simulation
  • Analyse your results using the ‘Analysis’ tab
  • Bootstrap a dataset
  • Implement inter-occasion variability (IOV)
  • Dose adaptation based on conditional events
  • Single profile simulations (introducing the patient state machine)


Cost: $200 for academia/$350 for industry to cover the room, lunch and coffee breaks. Only 40 places will be available.

For more information and registration, please contact

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